Tulsi Resin Store: Revolutionizing Resin Art Supplies in India

 Tulsi Resin Store: Revolutionizing Resin Art Supplies in India

19/05/2024 4 Views

In the vibrant city of Surat, Gujarat, Tulsi Resin Store stands as a beacon for resin art enthusiasts. Founded by Gaurav Agarwal and launched on July 17, 2020, this venture emerged from the creative endeavors of a sibling trio who sought to provide high-quality resin art materials and simplify the purchasing process for artists. Despite its relatively recent inception, Tulsi Resin Store has swiftly gained a reputation for its extensive range of products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Range of Resin Art Supplies

Tulsi Resin Store prides itself on offering an impressive inventory that caters to the diverse needs of resin artists. With over 5000 high-quality SKUs, the store provides a one-stop-shop for everything related to resin art. From resin and pigments to silicon molds, MDF bases, glitters, stones, and custom stickers, the store ensures that artists have access to all the materials they need. This comprehensive approach not only enhances convenience but also fosters creativity by providing a variety of options.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Experience

The founders of Tulsi Resin Store emphasize the importance of quality and customer experience. Every product is carefully selected to ensure it meets high standards, and the store guarantees safe, hassle-free, and timely delivery. This attention to detail reflects the store’s philosophy that art comes from the heart, and every artist deserves the best tools to create their masterpieces.

Expanding Global Reach

While Tulsi Resin Store primarily serves the Indian market, its reputation has reached international shores. The store has shipped products to more than 17 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, USA, UK, Germany, and Canada. With a growing number of website visitors from over 30 countries, Tulsi Resin Store is steadily building a global presence, making it a trusted name in resin art supplies worldwide.

Future Plans and Vision

Looking ahead, Tulsi Resin Store aims to expand its offerings to include a wide range of art-related products. The founders envision the store becoming a go-to destination for all artistic needs, from pencil sketches to home décor items. This ambitious plan reflects their commitment to supporting artists in every discipline and ensuring that they have access to the best materials available.

Supporting the Art Community

Beyond providing materials, Tulsi Resin Store is dedicated to supporting the art community. The store creates a space where artists can find everything they need, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This supportive environment encourages artists to explore new techniques, share their work, and grow together.

Tulsi Resin Store’s Infrastructure

The store’s infrastructure is designed to support its extensive inventory and ensure the highest standards of quality. The manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operates under strict hygiene protocols. By minimizing human intervention and relying on automated processes, Tulsi Resin Store ensures that every product meets its rigorous quality standards.


Tulsi Resin Store has quickly established itself as a leading supplier of resin art materials in India. With its extensive range of products, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach, the store has become a trusted name among artists. As it continues to expand its offerings and reach, Tulsi Resin Store is set to play a significant role in the art community, both in India and internationally. By providing high-quality materials and fostering a supportive environment, Tulsi Resin Store is helping artists bring their creative visions to life.

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