IGLI Finance: Streamlining Business and Legal Services in India

IGLI Finance: Streamlining Business and Legal Services in India

20/05/2024 2 Views

Established in 2020 by SanjayBhai Mavani, IGLI Finance, operating under IGIL Financial, is a prominent platform based in Surat, providing a comprehensive range of legal and financial services. The platform aims to simplify the administrative burdens faced by entrepreneurs and families, offering a variety of solutions tailored to meet diverse needs, from business registration to tax compliance and intellectual property management.

Business Formation and Registration

IGLI Finance facilitates the establishment of various types of business entities. This includes sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), one-person companies, and private limited companies. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from specialized services such as Startup India registration and setting up a business presence in the USA. The platform further aids in obtaining Udyam registration, import-export codes, professional tax registration, and FSSAI registration, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met efficiently.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for businesses, and IGLI Finance offers robust services in this area. The platform provides support for trademark registration and renewal, copyright registration, design registration, and both standard and provisional patent registrations. These services help safeguard the creative and innovative assets of businesses, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge.

GST Compliance Services

Navigating the complexities of Goods and Services Tax (GST) is made easier with IGLI Finance. The platform offers a range of GST-related services, including registration, return filing, GST LUT form submissions, annual return filings (GSTR-9), and registration cancellations. These services ensure businesses remain compliant with GST regulations, avoiding potential legal complications and penalties.

Comprehensive Service Offering

IGLI Finance positions itself as a technology-driven platform designed to meet the legal and professional needs of both startups and established businesses. Their service offerings include incorporation, government registrations, accounting, documentation, and annual compliance. Additionally, the platform extends its services to individuals, providing support for property agreements and tax filings.

Mission and Vision

The mission of IGLI Finance is to offer accessible and high-quality services at competitive prices, enabling individuals, businesses, SMEs, and small enterprises to efficiently manage their legal and professional obligations. The platform strives to revolutionize the delivery of professional and legal services by leveraging digital technology, thus minimizing disruptions to clients’ time. The vision of IGLI Finance is to transform traditional service structures into more efficient digital processes, fostering employment opportunities and supporting the growth of businesses across India.

IGLI Finance represents a significant advancement in the realm of legal and financial services, offering a technology-driven approach that simplifies and streamlines various administrative tasks. With a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, IGLI Finance continues to support businesses and individuals in achieving their goals with greater ease and efficiency.

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